Whether you are making regular payments or a one-off payment in a foreign currency, you can benefit from knowing the live exchange rates. You may want travel money, you may be buying a holiday home abroad or an investment property in a foreign countrys currency. Or you may be making business imports or business exports as part of your business activities.

At this you can view Live Exchange Rates for all countries around the world or Live Exchange Rates for Major Currencies. There is also a Currency Converter to calculate how much something costs or how much foreign currency you can afford.

Money Transfers - Buy and sell currency

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Currency exchange rates

Choose the base currency you want to get the exchange rate for from the list below. We provide exchange rates for all currencies around the world.

British Pound Sterling GBP

Euro EUR

United States Dollar USD

Japanese Yen JPY

United Arab Emirates Dirham AED

Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG

Australian Dollar AUD

Bulgarian Lev BGN

Brazilian Real BRL

Canadian Dollar CAD

Swiss Franc CHF

Chinese Yuan CNY

Czech Republic Koruna CZK

Danish Krone DKK

Egyptian Pound EGP

Guernsey Pound GGP

Gibraltar Pound GIP

Hong Kong Dollar HKD

Hungarian Forint HUF

Indian Rupee INR

Jersey Pound JEP

Kuwaiti Dinar KWD

Cayman Islands Dollar KYD

Moroccan Dirham MAD

Mexican Peso MXN

Norwegian Krone NOK

New Zealand Dollar NZD

Pakistani Rupee PKR

Qatari Rial QAR

Romanian Leu RON

Russian Ruble RUB

Saudi Riyal SAR

Seychellois Rupee SCR

Swedish Krona SEK

Singapore Dollar SGD

Thai Baht THB

Tunisian Dinar TND

Turkish Lira TRY

South African Rand ZAR

Zimbabwean Dollar ZWL